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 Irish Jewellery Designer

Silverhaven Jewellery is an Irish silver jewellery design business that offers unique sterling silver jewellery with a modern vibe.

 Our silver designs are a modern & contemporary Irish sterling silver jewellery range inspired by Ireland's coastline and countryside.

 We are based in Crosshaven, Cork which is located within Cork harbour, so our inspiration for our designs comes from the wonderful weather which affects our great coastline. 



 Our influence comes from seeing the waves splashing the rocks, the seaweed drying on the beach or just those well known Irish rainy days.

 cork-craft-triangle-set.jpg  cork-craft-chunky-dewdrop-set-on-table.jpg

 All our silver jewellery range is designed and created in our studio in Crosshaven, Cork and our inspiration is drawn from seeing our wonderful Irish coastline.


 Our print jewellery creations are handcrafted in sterling silver using your loved one's true print which we turn it into a treasured gift.

 Our special ordering system is mess-free and makes it easy for anyone in the world to order our unique silver hand/footprint jewellery.  


We're happy to answer questions on our sterling silver designs or help you in making your choice easier.
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