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Taking paw prints is easy

Posted by Silverhaven Jewellery - Irish Jewellery Designer on 13th Apr 2021

How to take your pet's paw prints is easy using our ink free print kit.

Here is how its done....

1. Ensure the pet’s paw is clean and free from fluff and dust. If necessary use a standard wet wipe of your own to ensure your pet’s paw is clean.

2. Take the supplied ink free wipe out of its packet.

Wipe the paw with our ink free print wipe

3. Gently wipe the bottom of the paw with the supplied ink free wipe.

Gently press the paw on the specialise sheet - count to 3

4. Press the paw firmly onto the sensitised paper and hold for 3-5 secs.

Take plenty of paw prints 

5. Repeat as many times as you wish in different spots until the supplied wipe runs out.

6. Leave the prints to dry for a few minutes.

7. Wipe the paw to remove any leftover residue from the supplied ink free wipe.

Returning your prints

1. Fill out the reverse of the sheet with the details of the pet’s print i.e. name etc.

2. Now take a photo of your print and send it to us by; 

Whatsapp +353 (0) 21 206 3292 or email

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Now cherish your miniaturise paw print of your beloved pet.