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Ripple Silver Necklace

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Sterling Silver Ripple Necklace
This Ripple silver necklace is a dazzling statement piece that will immediately add a hint of glamour to your style.
The sterling silver necklace is made up of a series of gently curved sterling silver forms that give the impression of gently waves or a ripple pattern.
The ripple silver necklace features three main ripples, then tapers in size towards the sides of the necklace for additional comfort and style attached to a sterling chain.  

All our items are personally hand formed, so each one will be slightly different, making them truly unique and individual.  

Measurements: Sterling silver waves: approx 6mm x 24mm, 4mm x 38mm, finished length 17 1/2"

Made to order - Please allow 5 working days for us to make your order.